Monday, February 22, 2010

Nate is not allowed to cook.

Sunday morning.
Chris, "Honey? Will you set the pork roast out to thaw?"
Nate, "Sure!"

Sunday afternoon.
Chris, "I'm not feeling well, can you start dinner while I take a nap?"
Nate, "Of course!"

Sunday evening.
Chris wakes up and goes down stairs for dinner.
Nate."The roast will be done in a few minutes!"
Chris, "I'll check on it for you."
Out comes the roast. It is a beef roast. (Not pork) It is also twice the size as the pork roast I had asked him to thaw.
Chris, "Honey? This is a beef roast!"
Nate, "It is?"

It was still cold and red in the center, dry on the outside, and was seasoned like the pork should have been. Grape and wine reduction sauce doesn't go well with beef. So back into the oven to finish cooking it for an additional 2 hours. (There went the roast beef I was going to make.) Mommy saved the night by whipping up scrambled eggs and bacon for the kids. Nate ate dry beef 2 hours later. Tonight we will have pork loin roast with the wine sauce. Nate will be eating beef for lunch everyday. Ain't I a stinker?