Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is it a bed, a basket, or a shelf?

Look what I found on my bed!

So, I never make the bed anymore. I use to do it daily, faithfully.
I can't remember the last time I really made the bed and put the decorative pillows on it.
I just don't ever have time to!
I spend so much time keeping the rest of the house clean
(the sections people see)
that I never have energy to clean our room up!

We play the laundry game:

RULES: Step 1 Clean all 6-10 loads that are waiting in baskets.
Step 2 As they come out of the drier, pile them on my bed.
Step 3 At the end of the day, dump laundry from bed into baskets.
Step 4 In the morning, dump baskets of laundry back onto the bed so you can find socks.
Step 5 Repeat for 3 days until it is all dirty again.

There is baby stuff all over the night stands and in baskets under them.
I set the car seat, my purse, Afton's sock monkey, Afton, some of Raedin's books, etc. on the bed during the day(next to the laundry) it is there until bedtime.
Then it gets piled into the car seat and sits on the floor all night just to be dumped out onto the bed the next morning so I can put Afton in her car seat and run Nate to school.

I try to keep it picked up, enough that we can walk from one place to the other. Right now my closet is cleaner because all of the clothes are in the baskets!

Oh the joys of being a mother to 4 and a wife to a full-time student!


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  2. I suggest going to Home Depot and purchasing a large quantity of those big orange work buckets. Problem solved.

  3. Oh boy, I hear ya here! Laundry is my biggest enemy. I'm really hoping to work out a laundry/house cleaning system that I can handle pretty well before the twins come. I need my life to be as simple as possible. I'm far from that right now, though! Glad I'm not the only one with this problem. :)

  4. Ha ha ha! That's awesome!
    My problem is not taking stuff out of the washing machine. It just sits there so long I have to keep washing them over and over. Out of sight, out of mind I guess.