Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby, Bellydance, and Police.

My niece arrived tonight!
Illianna MayLee Harlow
4 lbs 14 oz, 17 inches
Tiny, but oh so sweet!

She arrived at 6:55 pm, which meant I was 30 minutes late for my belly dance class, oh and it was the first class too. I actually tried to run home to change and drop dad off. I forgot I left my house key with Mandy in case she needed more baby supplies. Crap. So dad went with me to my belly dance class and I danced in my jeans. It was a lot of fun and I'm happy 2 friends signed up with me! I'm happy to be back in dance!

On our way to the hospital, I called my sister to let her know what was going on. She was in hysterics, her daughter was missing. Her daughter's ride went to get her on time from school, but Jules never came out. SO she went in and had the office page her. Nothing. They searched ever last inch of the school. Nothing. The police were called. Jules is a special needs child, her thought process isn't like most kids, she could be anywhere. Dad and I drove around trying to spot her. Where are the police? I meet my sister at the school, still no sign of her, still no cops. SO I called the dispatch, let them know this was a child with disabilities and needed to be found! "Oh! We found her, an officer has her now." Seriously? Why didn't we know this? Anyway, we left to meet the officers. A lady in an SUV had seen her and realized something was off. Jules was trying to cross Orem Blvd on her own, at 800 S. Her school is at 400 W 400 S. She walked 10 blocks on her own! Crossed a couple busy roads and was trying to do the same there. The women who found her put Jules in her car (scary!) and tried asking her were she lived. Jules did not answer her, she didn't know. Luckily it was a good person, she phoned police. Jules didn't seem to understand what she did, she was trying to walk home she said. It is so scary to think what could have happened.


  1. WHOA! That is so scary! I am glad she was okay.:)
    P.S. I couldn't sleep last night because I kept going over the choreography in my head over and over...and over...

  2. Scary! She is so lucky to be found by a good person and not a creeper! I'm excited to meet little Illiana. She's eensy!! Melanie (baby sis) was 4 lb 10 oz and she was so precious.