Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Why is it beer smells nasty, tastes nasty on its own, but is so good when mixed with food?

Some of our favorites:
Beer and Cheddar Fondue-granny smith apples, bread, and broccoli for dipping.
Beer battered onion rings or french fries.
Beer can chicken-you stick the can up the chicken's rear end and cook it standing up!
And Beer marinade on steak/meat/Rouladen.

We don't drink beer (against the word of wisdom) but I have taken to storing some in the fridge for cooking! So if you happen to look in my fridge, don't be alarmed to see some Guinness hanging out in the back. :) If you are at all interested in trying some of these recipes, let me know! They are seriously so tasty! (And the alcohol cooks out....)

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