Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More stress?

Sure! I'll take it!

I got some bad health news last night. (No details at this time as I still have to see my cardiologist before we really know what's going on.) It is going to make all the upcoming chaos even worse. :*(

My heart had been doing great, no problems in the last 2 years. I did have some blood pressure issues with Afton's pregnancy, but nothing serious. My arthritis and scoliosis have been staying at about the same pain level. SO WHY (right before my cruise) DOES IT ALL ACT UP?! AT THE SAME TIME!!!! grrrrr.

Like the next few months wasn't going to be hard enough. Now I get to "rest" more, watch my exercise more, have random chest pains, limit activity that could on set tachycardia, and feel once again like a 25 year old trapped in an 85 year old's body.

I have my sweet husband to help me through it all. He has always been so understanding of my health issues, never questions, wants to take away the pain, see me happy. He maintains a positive outlook and brings me back to the surface when I've sunk too deep. I'm totally undeserving of his love and can be so mean when the pain flairs! Yet he is always there, always willing to give a blessing, run and buy me a treat late at night, listen to my complaints, and above all he doesn't care I'm "broken". He takes me for who I am, oversees the imperfections, and loves me even more for them. I am one lucky gal.

Wow, I just made myself feel better. Sometimes venting is productive!

Friday, April 16, 2010

And the winner is............

We will be leaving Utah the fist week in August.

It is exciting and depressing.

I have lived in Utah almost all my life, my kids only know Utah, my best friends are here, the mountains are here, my dad is here, my sister, my brother, my ex-in-laws.
I went to 1st grade (skipped kindergarten) in Orem.
I went to High School in Orem.
The thought of leaving Utah is so emotional, I'm struggling.
I know it is a great place and an amazing program for Nate. I know it is only 12 hours (by car0away from Orem (1 1/2 hours by plane). We will still have church nearby, we'll make new friends, learn where things are, and fit in eventually. The kids will adjust faster than I will!
It doesn't make it any easier on me. :( I see my best friend and every time we're done hanging out, my heart breaks. How can I go without seeing her once a week? My kids go to grandma's house every Saturday, what will it be like to not drop them off at noon?
I have to find a new doctor (seen mine for 8 years!).
Find a new hairdresser (I love Brianna!).
And so on.....

The only thoughts that help me:
The Church is true and will be there, the gospel will be in our lives still. Our ward now was once "our new ward" and the next will grow into "our ward".
I will have those I love most with me and we have made it this far, we can keep going.

Oh, and Nate is letting me get a greyhound. That will help.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Afton update

The wheezing has gone down, as long as we keep doing the nebulizer regularly. Her cough is still nasty sounding, her appetite isn't back yet, and she continues to sleep, and sleep, and sleep.....
This morning was good, she seemed happy and playful and even drank a bottle! The rest of the day has been touch and go. Right now, sleeping in my lap because the crib isn't good enough. It's going to be a long week.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

First Cold

Sucking to get some air.

On Friday: Afton started to show signs of being sick: a slight fever, fussy, and not hungry.
Saturday: Didn't pee overnight, won't eat, is very fussy, fever off and on. So I got teething tablets to try, ear drops, and Tylenol. Some improvement, at least she ate some solids.
Sunday morning: wheezing, rapid breathing, fever, horrible cough, still not peeing, willing to drink only a small amount of formula.

Took her to insta-care. It isn't RSV (no runny nose or sore throat). Let's try a breathing treatment! Helped subdue the wheezing, doctor writes a prescription for nebulizer treatments to do at home. Seemed to help her feel better! until last night...

Wheezing isn't being subdued as much now, she had a hard time sleeping and her cough is back and more often.

I think we'll be going back to the doctor's office today. They were concerned it would turn to pnemonia or that is just a cold and she has asthma. I'm nervous that if it were just a cold, asthma would make every cold like this! I don't know if I could handle that!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Is this the one?

I dropped Nate off at the airport early this morning, he is being flown down to ASU! He was accepted to UCF (University of Central Florida) and is on a waiting list for Rice University in Houston. I'm not too fond of the living in Florida and since Rice hasn't offered him a spot yet....I'm thinking Tempe, AZ might be our future home!

He was contacted by the department head by phone and was offered a spot in their PhD program! So today is all about convincing him to say yes. I hope all goes well, we stayed up late writing down questions he should ask, things to check out, and all the pros/cons about going there. The pros far out-weigh the cons! By April 15, we will have our final answer. By April 15, we will know where we are headed. By April 15, I will have a weight lifted from my shoulders!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon


Best kids movie I've seen in a long time! My kids loved every minute of this movie! Great story line, amazing animation, kid friendly.
Go see it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Evelynn is 6!

Evelynn Grace Hall April 2, 2004 (born)

Our little princess is growing up!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Raedin is 3!

Raedin Levi Ralston April 1, 2007
The best April Fool's Day ever.
We love our sunshine boy!