Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More stress?

Sure! I'll take it!

I got some bad health news last night. (No details at this time as I still have to see my cardiologist before we really know what's going on.) It is going to make all the upcoming chaos even worse. :*(

My heart had been doing great, no problems in the last 2 years. I did have some blood pressure issues with Afton's pregnancy, but nothing serious. My arthritis and scoliosis have been staying at about the same pain level. SO WHY (right before my cruise) DOES IT ALL ACT UP?! AT THE SAME TIME!!!! grrrrr.

Like the next few months wasn't going to be hard enough. Now I get to "rest" more, watch my exercise more, have random chest pains, limit activity that could on set tachycardia, and feel once again like a 25 year old trapped in an 85 year old's body.

I have my sweet husband to help me through it all. He has always been so understanding of my health issues, never questions, wants to take away the pain, see me happy. He maintains a positive outlook and brings me back to the surface when I've sunk too deep. I'm totally undeserving of his love and can be so mean when the pain flairs! Yet he is always there, always willing to give a blessing, run and buy me a treat late at night, listen to my complaints, and above all he doesn't care I'm "broken". He takes me for who I am, oversees the imperfections, and loves me even more for them. I am one lucky gal.

Wow, I just made myself feel better. Sometimes venting is productive!


  1. That's awful! Is there anything you need?? Soup, maybe? I have lots of soup...

  2. I'm so sorry to read this. Sounds like your man is very supportive, what a blessing. :) I'd also be willing to help out. I always tell people, "I don't do a lot of things well, but I'm pretty good at preparing frozen dinners." I'd be happy to make you some. The best part they're husband friendly and they're there when you've just had a no good, very bad day. I think Tim and Megan are coming your way Sunday or Monday. I could send some with them, let me know.