Monday, April 12, 2010

First Cold

Sucking to get some air.

On Friday: Afton started to show signs of being sick: a slight fever, fussy, and not hungry.
Saturday: Didn't pee overnight, won't eat, is very fussy, fever off and on. So I got teething tablets to try, ear drops, and Tylenol. Some improvement, at least she ate some solids.
Sunday morning: wheezing, rapid breathing, fever, horrible cough, still not peeing, willing to drink only a small amount of formula.

Took her to insta-care. It isn't RSV (no runny nose or sore throat). Let's try a breathing treatment! Helped subdue the wheezing, doctor writes a prescription for nebulizer treatments to do at home. Seemed to help her feel better! until last night...

Wheezing isn't being subdued as much now, she had a hard time sleeping and her cough is back and more often.

I think we'll be going back to the doctor's office today. They were concerned it would turn to pnemonia or that is just a cold and she has asthma. I'm nervous that if it were just a cold, asthma would make every cold like this! I don't know if I could handle that!

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