Friday, April 16, 2010

And the winner is............

We will be leaving Utah the fist week in August.

It is exciting and depressing.

I have lived in Utah almost all my life, my kids only know Utah, my best friends are here, the mountains are here, my dad is here, my sister, my brother, my ex-in-laws.
I went to 1st grade (skipped kindergarten) in Orem.
I went to High School in Orem.
The thought of leaving Utah is so emotional, I'm struggling.
I know it is a great place and an amazing program for Nate. I know it is only 12 hours (by car0away from Orem (1 1/2 hours by plane). We will still have church nearby, we'll make new friends, learn where things are, and fit in eventually. The kids will adjust faster than I will!
It doesn't make it any easier on me. :( I see my best friend and every time we're done hanging out, my heart breaks. How can I go without seeing her once a week? My kids go to grandma's house every Saturday, what will it be like to not drop them off at noon?
I have to find a new doctor (seen mine for 8 years!).
Find a new hairdresser (I love Brianna!).
And so on.....

The only thoughts that help me:
The Church is true and will be there, the gospel will be in our lives still. Our ward now was once "our new ward" and the next will grow into "our ward".
I will have those I love most with me and we have made it this far, we can keep going.

Oh, and Nate is letting me get a greyhound. That will help.

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  1. How exciting to know where you're going! It's hard to move to a new place. Logan is NOT far away from Orem, but it was still a hard adjustment to make. But eventually, anywhere can feel like home. The important thing is that you're with your family. Knowing your personality, it won't be long before you're comfortable (at least welcomed openly) into the ward. Just don't be shy. But you won't be. Because you're you. We're so happy for you! Good luck with everything!