Monday, March 7, 2011

Breast is Best

Ok, so we all know that breastfeeding is the healthy choice, the natural choice, and the best bonding ever. {And yes that is me nursing Afton when she was tiny, no it is not gross.} I have always tried to nurse each of my babies as long as possible: Taylor 6 weeks (we both got such horrible thrush and called it quits), Evelynn made it to about 3 weeks (couldn't latch), Raedin nursed until about 8 months (lost interest when he could have solids), and Afton made it to 5 months (I didn't know I was pregnant with E yet and my milk dried up). SO that brings us to baby #5, Eowyn. She just turned 3 months last Thursday, that very night I came down with the nastiest, most awful breast infection of all time. I was in SO MUCH PAIN. I stayed in bed for 3 days straight in a drug induced sleep. I pumped and dumped the "bad side" and tried to feed her from the "good side". Only getting food from one side wasn't cutting it and we ended up using all the frozen milk I had stored. SO we supplemented with formula and she took it without any problem.

Now, I am feeling better, but my milk supply is rather low now. I thought "Ok, I'll just go ahead and stop nursing her now." {Cue guilt} "You can't stop, breast is best!" "But! But!" "No, suck it up and continue." "I don't want thrush or mastitis again!" "BREAST IS BEST!"

I negotiated with myself for awhile and came up with this:

Pumping and giving her breast milk 2-3 times a day, all other feedings will be formula.
{Guilt left me alone and agreed that this was an acceptable plan.}

I won't be nursing her anymore, but she'll still be getting the important things breast milk gives and other family members can help me out by feeding her for me. AND my boobs will stay bigger and remain perky for awhile longer. :P

Why am I sharing this? No idea, probably to justify my plan and keep guilt away.....


  1. Ha ha ha! Don't feel bad. Every kid is different, and every stage is different. I mean, you have 5 kids. Don't be hard on yourself! You are Super Mom as it is!'s always nice getting your body back when it's been on loan for so long. :)

  2. Karin would not nurse for me. I suffered horrendous guilt. Brian did nurse, but 2 weeks into it I got mastitis so bad I had milk clear up into my shoulder, and blood coming out my nipple... My breast was the size of a cantelope and bluish purple. Dr. made me quit IMMEDIATELY.
    Michael nursed about 3 months but only if I supplemented him with formula.
    David didn't nurse at all because he had tongue tie and by the time I knew that... my milk was all gone.

    So...... I suffered the guilt and the feeling that I was a "failure" as a mother because I wanted to breast feed sooooo much and failed.

    My kids are all fine. So don't beat yourself up. You have FIVE kids to care for and nursing takes a lot of time. Bottle feeding is nice because other people can do it.
    Eowyn will be close to you no matter what. You're a great mamma.

  3. Don't feel bad!! You are a great mom and even though breast milk is best having a happy, HEALTHY mommy is even better!!