Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wow I'm lazy.

I haven't posted for 12 whole days! AAAHHHH!

Random things:
My new greyhound {Sadie Boo} wearing a coat I made her. Please ignore the post-baby pudge still clinging to my midsection, it's a work in process.

Tonight the moon is the on it's orbit point that brings it closest to the Earth. Biggest and brightest it has been in 20 years. It is stunning!
Isn't that amazing?

I'm going back to belly dance on Tuesday {cheering} note belly pudge reference above. Hopefully it will help me get back in shape both physically and mentally.

I'm blonde now, that's been an adventure.

Eowyn now has so much hair I can put it in 2 {TWO} pigtails. Did I mention she isn't even 4 months old yet?!

In 2 weeks Raedin will be 4 and Evie 7. Yikes.

Taylor only has 2 months left wearing braces, well, at least phase 1.

Nate bought a motorcycle. It died. And died. And well, died. It'll cost about $500 to get it running and I am extremely bitter.

Sewing is taking over my life, I'm loving it! Here are some things I made this week:

I really need to get a nice camera and learn photography........


  1. Post-baby pudge...I think most people call that "skin."

    Those sewing projects look great! I am impressed with your mad sewing skills. :D

  2. Hooray for an update! I love the hair - yay for us being adventurous! ;)