Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok ok ok O K!
I tried it! Ya happy now world?!!!

Actually....I liked it. {gasp}

It is VERY different from my usual style (aka Belly Dance) and a great workout. [I am so extremely out of shape having just had two babies.] The instructor is a gal from church who invited me to try it out. [That woman made it look so freaking easy.] It is just up the street and at good times. [Twice a week might just give me a heart attack.] I might give it a month and see how I like it. [I might die before the month is out.]


  1. I just started Zumba a week and a half ago! I love it!! I do it 5 days a week and have lost 7 lbs...

  2. I'm glad you liked it! A lady in my ward teaches a zumba class at the rec center, and I've heard good things, so maybe I'll try it one of these days... :)