Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Nate

Nate didn't just marry me and become a husband, he became an instant dad to two girls and Raedin was close to follow. He took on an entire family all at once.
He has sacrificed, over-worked, and given unconditional love.

He can be a super dad, flying alone with a baby!

He treats me right. (I love when he grows his hair out.)

He loves his little princesses and they love him!!

He loves doing activities with the kids and going on family outings.

He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty if it means some bonding.

He's been there for the hard things and the good.

He made us a family.

I love my husband and feel blessed everyday to have him in my life.
Happy 4th Anniversary Nathaniel!


  1. Happy anniversary!! :)

  2. You have the cutest family and I am so glad you found Nate.

    Keep that spark burning and don't let it ever grow cold.