Thursday, November 25, 2010


I cooked for 3 1/2 hours, 9 months pregnant!
(not including the baking yesterday!)
I am thankful for this crazy bunch of people!!!!!

We didn't go anywhere this year or have anyone over.
I cooked the full, traditional dinner for just us.
Not trying to sound depressing, it was actually really nice!
We will be doing so much visiting and traveling next month,
it was nice to have a little calm before the storm:

My mom will be here in 10 days, my sister in 13, my dad in 15.
Nate has finals Dec 10 and 14.
Mom, dad, and sister go home the 15 and 16.
The girls go to visit Utah on Dec 17. (Flying alone!!!)
They get home on the 22, we leave that day for Arkansas.
We are spending Christmas in AR with Nate's mom and siblings.
New Years in Texas with Nate's dad!
We get home from Arkansas/Texas Jan 3.

Oh, and we will be having a baby sometime between now and Dec 15!

We are nuts.

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