Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saying good bye.

We handed Ben over to a volunteer, she'll walk him during the event and hopefully help him find a new family today. If not, he'll have a foster to take him home for now.

It was a lot harder to say good bye than we thought it would be.

The girls tried to be big and let the tears fall silently.
Raedin however.....
Screamed, cried, kicked, and sobbed all the way home and then some.

I felt horrible.
I took away their friend.

I'm hoping they can forgive me, they'll understand eventually.
And hey, we will get another dog in just a few weeks, hopefully one that will not chase the baby and still be as wonderful as Ben was. First dogs should be a happy thing and for the most part was, they just shouldn't have to go away so soon.

Maybe we'll see him around at AAGI events!


  1. I've had to do that many times. It's hard, and you will feel like a family member died. But just remember, that Ben will always know he was loved by your family. :-)

  2. Get a Newfoundland, then the babies can just lay on the dog!! It's definitely easier to keep up with, being an in home mom!!