Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Ben

Big Ben settling in on his bed.

Standing up by daddy, showing him around the house.

Squeaker meeting Ben through the gate. (the muzzle was just precaution)

He pooped once on my bedroom floor.
Nate ran out and bought a Bissell cleaner, saved my dog from daddy's wrath.
Not really up to eating today, they said that was normal.
Seems to have diarrhea, again, normal.
Ignores the baby, follows us everywhere, takes the stairs in 3 giant leaps. Seriously, the stair thing is freaking awesome. Some major leg muscle action going on.
I'm running on no sleep.
Dog poked me with his nose every hour during the night and was up at 6 am.


We are very happy with him and he seems to be getting comfortable. I didn't expect him to get it all down in the first 24 hours and am willing to work with him at his speed. We took him to an AAGI fundraiser today. Bath and nail trim for $10!
We also went to Petco to get some treats for him, got stopped a couple times by people wanting to ask 10,000 questions about him.
I like him.

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  1. He's a beautiful dog! I hope he integrates smoothly into the family!