Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Close to Home

"If you don't have a home, you can buy one there!"

So with Nate applying to grad schools, I've been looking into each possible city to help us decide which would be best for our family. Checking on rental properties, public schools, crime rate, etc. I've also looked into things that can be familiar to the kids to help settle them in. Luckily, each of the cities have IKEA.....my children love IKEA. Seriously, they ask to go there all the time!
Another familiar place: Sunflower Farmers Market, not every city, but there is a location in Tempe, AZ which is a prospect and I lean closer to moving there everyday! Nate will be flying down on April 9 to visit ASU, they asked him to be in their PhD program! Woot woot!

Another way to help the kids settle, we've decided on applying to adopt a retired Greyhound. We've looked into it a lot, it is a myth you have to have a big yard BTW. They do great in apartments and condos as long as you walk them for 10 min a day and let them run once or twice a week. They are such gentle dogs! They don't bark, they come potty trained, they like to snuggle, they don't shed much, they have very few health concerns, they are already spayed/neutered, and so on.
I've wanted a dog for a long time! The dog I really want weighs about 160 lbs, that is 100 lbs over the weight limit of the apartments I've looked into. (I really want a Newfoundland.) So anyway, adopting one would save a retired racer from a sad ending. Many are "destroyed".

I'm sure once we decides which school to go to, it will be much easier to plan on the move. I'm really liking the sound of Tempe right now, not really feeling the Orlando. He still has to hear back from Rice in Houston, that is his first pick if he gets in. Oh the heartburn and nerves!

If you haven't seen/heard this yet, now you have:
The IKEA Song


  1. Have you seen the Italian Grey Hounds?? They are my favorite dog! But I figured they would do little to deter an attacker, so I am hoping to find a nice border collie.

    The Koi turned out gorgeous! Thanks so much!

  2. I have seen the Italian Greyhounds, a little too small for me! Also, they are more $$$. A retired racer is $200-$300 including vaccinations, spaying, etc. I do like border collies! Very smart!

    I need a picture of your koi! We can get one tonight or tomorrow. :)