Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Never Shower Alone

It's 10:15 am on Wednesday, that means the last time mommy got to shower was what? Monday? I think? So into the shower I go, but preparation first!

1. Start a movie for Raedin and get him settled down.
2. Find a project for Evelynn to do (ex. coloring)
3. Bring the baby bouncer into bathroom with you
as she has just woken up and you can't trust
the other 2 kids to be alone with her yet.
4.Take a super fast shower: wash hair, scrub face, shave underarms
and half of each leg (ankle to knee). 10 min. tops
5. Step out of shower to find: door wide open,
Raedin with ALL of his cars on the bathroom floor,
Evelynn sitting in the doorway coloring, and the phone is ringing.

I would just switch to showering at night, or waking up super early before everyone else. But: My hair takes (on average) 2-3 hours to dry if it is down, pulled up takes 10. And who honestly blow dries their hair right before bed? (Besides, that still takes my hair 30+ minutes.) And as for waking up early. Heck no! I have a hard time climbing out of my warm bed by 9!

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  1. That is so funny!!!! HILARIOUS!! Glad we're past that stage!!!