Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hope to stay dry

Raedin is wearing big boy underwear for the first time ever today! He made me take all 7 pairs out of the package, line them along the foot of my bed, and took his timing choosing which to wear. (This is a very important moment in a young boys life and he wanted to be sure the first pair to grace his cheeks was the perfect pair.) So after deciding, I showed him which holes his legs went in and so on. "Alright buddy! Time to put your pants back on." "NO! I can't put my pants on! It will hide my underwear!" This is the downside of cute, licensed-character undies. They are so appealing to a small child, why would they want to cover it? Maybe that is why superheroes started putting theirs on the outside. So for now he is running around with his shirt, socks, hat, and undies on. Pants are on hold. And so far, I'm ok with it....

I have my fingers crossed that there will be no accidents.


  1. Yay! Another blog to read! (As if I don't waste enough time already...)

  2. Ha ha ha! Superheros! Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Good luck with potty training!