Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ready for spring and vacation!

I found this fabric and just feel in love, it is so hard to find pink/orange/red that looks good on my red headed girls! This combo of coral, pumpkin orange, and rusty red seemed perfect for a little sundress.
Sort of made this one up as I went and I made up my own version of shirring, ok maybe I'm not the first, but sewing with elastic thread scares me and smocking takes too long. I stretched super thin elastic cord, while keeping it lined up, and sewed a tight zig-zag over it. Worked perfectly and didn't take long at all! (Cut the cord the length of chest measurement and the fabric about 6 inches longer).

I've only been sewing since October 2010 and have been self and internet taught, so bare with me if you see repeats of this dress in other fabric.


  1. I think the fabric is awesome and the dress is super cute! The cutie-patootie wearing the dress doesn't hurt either:)
    I don't sew at all, so no judgment from me.
    I came by from Flamingo toes...have a great day!

  2. I was wondering if you did the shirring! It's AMAZING. I haven't tried to do anything like that yet...I, too, am frightened of elastic thread. You are brave to stretch the elastic. I would be afraid of the needle breaking. I do that a lot as it is... :D