Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spacing it.

Yesterday was an off day.

Raedin ate a frozen/microwave dinner for lunch (gasp!) and I forgot to take the film off before heating it up....that makes for a fun mess.

Squeakers face planted off the couch and ripped that little flap that connects your lip to your gum. Bled like crazy. Her lips now look like a duck bill.

I forgot to pay the phone bill.

Forgot to thaw the rolls out for dinner.

Seriously almost hit two people on the freeway.

Forgot to mail of some stuff for insurance.


But did manage to finish unpacking my room and made home made chicken noodle soup. :)

I have to write EVERYTHING down lately or I completely forget about it. I usually remember everything! I miss my brain.....


  1. You'll get it back in 20 years after all your kids grow up. :D

  2. Uh... no you won't get it back then. Believe me. I used to know what I'm talking about. :-)