Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smile that melts my heart.

December 2009-Taylor won't smile for pictures,
she is embarrassed by her large gap and crooked front teeth. 
Grandma offers to help with braces and Taylor has her consult.
January 2010-broke her pallet.
January-May 2010-expanded her pallet by key .5 inch.
May 2010-braces are put on and expander is left alone, no more key.
May 2010-June 15, 2011- NO gum, hard candy, chewy candy, or popcorn.
June 16, 2011-She has a perfect smile.
Today was the first day she was willing to smile for a picture! A REAL SMILE!
I am so thankful that she has grandparents that were generous and in a position to help her. 
Some people might not see it has a big deal, but for me IT IS.
My parents couldn't afford to put me in braces, 
plus, the amount of work to put them on me scared me to death.
I HATE my teeth and dread smiling in pictures. 
I don't want that for her.
Seeing her happy and knowing she will thank us and her grandparents someday for taking her to appointments, reminding her to brush constantly, nagging her to keep her retainer safe, etc.
Taylor is a shy kid, super shy, and I feel this little boost in confidence will go a long way.
{I actually had a consult today and will be *hopefully* getting braces on this year.}

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  1. So, I finally added your blog to my google reader and I'm all caught up! I think her smile is gorgeous! :)