Thursday, July 29, 2010

Final countdown and a mohawk.

Raedin's Awesome New Do!!!

One week from tomorrow, Nate will be headed with the truck to Arizona and I will be doing my last henna show in Utah (until next summer).
I canceled my show for this Sunday so I could spend more time with our family and friends before heading to Bear Lake on Wednesday. I won't see Taylor and Evelynn for a week, Raedin and Nate for 5 days, and Afton for 4 days! The girls will be staying with Grandma, Raedin will be driving down with Nate, Afton will be staying with Mandy until Saturday night and then will drive down with me on Sunday. Such a complicated and busy weekend ahead!
I'm looking forward to things calming down and getting back into a routine with the kids. School will be starting soon, I'll be done with shows, Nate will have a set schedule for school, and Raedin can have some alone time with mommy and Squeakers every day (he has really missed that). I'm also looking forward to a clean house! I've been away every weekend for 2-4 days for the last 2 months, plus a 10 day trip to Vermont. My house has suffered greatly from that. Unpacking will help me organize and redecorate the new place. I was so good at keeping up with the chores during the school year! Fingers crossed I can do so again this year.
I've been packing all day, stopping to eat and have Brianna cut Raedin's hair and now to blog. Back to work!


  1. Keep the blog going when you are in AZ. I shall miss you terribly.......

  2. And I LOVE your babystrology thing up in the corner.... SO totally awesome!!!!!