Thursday, June 10, 2010


So with each baby, we've come up with a decorating "theme". Afton was owls. Raedin frogs. Evelynn flowers. Taylor Noah's Ark. SO what for this kid? If it is a boy do I just use all of Raedin's baby bedding and theme? Do I use Afton's left overs for a girl? Or should I start completely over?

Names are coming easier than at first. We are sticking to Celtic names and our name "theme". Can you tell what it is? Krystin, Evelynn, Raedin, and Afton. Hint? For this baby we are thinking of Quinn (b) or Eowynn (g).......

We have 5 weeks until we find out gender....maybe that will help.


  1. I LOVE Eowynn! And I see nothing wrong with going with another motif for the new little one. It's like nicknames. Everyone should have a different one. :P

  2. Do a Celtic symbol. I googled "celtic symbols" and found some really cool ones. I like the fish. I like the knots....

  3. Darn... I wish you were going to be here to henna me for my wedding. :-(